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Learn how we are addressing Covid-19 by viewing our COVID Response & Preparedness Plan

Here are the Guidelines for Safe Child Care Operations
During COVID-19

Mask Requirements


Please visit the links below for the most current information:

MDHHS Updated Quarantine Guidance

Coronavirus Factsheet


Covid-Related Charges and Billing Adjustments
 Extended School Closures

In the event the entire school is closed due to Executive orders or School-wide closures, M & M will not be able to provide care. For closures less than one week, there will be no billing adjustments. For closures longer than one week, the first week is billed and the weeks following will be suspended until in-person programming resumes.

Student Illness or Quarantine

In the event the student is required to quarantine due to Covid-19 illness or exposure, parent must submit a schedule change and request a Covid Quarantine billing adjustment. The contracted rate will be reduced by 50% and the 7-day advance notice requirement is waived.

M & M Exposure

In the event the entire program or an entire M & M Class needs to close due to exposure, billing may be adjusted.

 Educating Parents

Oakland Family Services programs nurture healthy parent/child relationships and provide certified parent education through "Play and Learns," "Learning Libraries" and a plethora of endless educational services serving northern Wayne County and all of Oakland County.

Dealing with Challenging Behaviors

Are you at your wit's end?  Is your school-age child stubborn, bossy, or struggling with independence?  There are resources to help you!  You are NOT alone!  Click on the heading above or here for help Helping Hand 20 Questions about your child's challenging behavior.

 Special Needs Help

Centria Healthcare Autism Services for adults and children - go to website by clicking heading or call 24-Hour Help line 855-77-AUTISM.

Special Needs For Early Learners

Early On - Simply call toll free, 1-800-Early-On.  Offering help and early intervention services for early learners who may be having challenges with adjusting to transition to school, showing possible signs of delays and/or disabilities, and to assist their families in any way.

Parenting Help: Communicating with your School Age Children

Parenting workshops provide real solutions for real parents by offering educational information focused on building solid relationships with others.  Children and adults can learn ways to effectively solve their own problems.  Sessions are only $5!  

Crisis Hotline:

Wayne County - 1-866-289-2641.  

Washtenaw County - 1-800-273-TALK.

Support for children dealing with divorce

Whether you are a parent, teacher, relative or a concerned adult you may feel at a loss when trying to figure out how to offer support to a child of divorce. It may be hard to understand what the child is thinking and feeling, but it is important to be aware of how signs of grief are manifesting in a child. This is often very different than how an adult would grieve, and adults should be on the look out for signs such as a withdrawal from previously enjoyable activities or other changes in behavior.

Family Resources

United Way

Simply call 211 or click above for information, resources, and services on health care,  child care.  Department of Health and Human , child care, Department of Health and Human Services questions, prescription expense assistance, food, utility assistance, free counseling, free tax preparation and budgeting programs.

Starfish Family Services

Working with parents and caregivers through partnering with parents, learning communities, fraternity of fathers and parenthood programs to create role models for our youth.  Services are confidential and cater to each family's needs.  Offering a variety of parenting resources including peer-to-peer support in Wayne and Washtenaw Counties.

New  Parenting News

Baby Box services for new and expectant parents to receive “Safe Sleep” free items and visits from certified family counselors.   Baby Box University provides videos and quizzes to test your knowledge.  Good luck!

Utility assistance 

Behind on a utility bill?  Fell on hard times and need assistence keeping the lights on?  LSP (low income sufficiency plan can help!

Parenting Advice for Pre-Teen through the Teen Years

Every kid is ONE caring adult away from being a success story.  Click on heading above and receive advice from Teen Expert, Josh Shipp.  Josh Shipp, "The Teen Whisperer," is an American youth motivational speaker, author, and TV personality.  He is most known for his TEDx talks.

 Recall Lists

For an updated list of recalls, visit