Covid-19 and M&M

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Here are the Guidelines for Safe Child Care Operations
During COVID-19

Mask Requirements

Covid-Related Charges and Billing Adjustments
Extended School Closures

In the event the entire school is closed due to Executive orders or School-wide closures, M & M will not be able to provide care. For closures less than one week, there will be no billing adjustments. For closures longer than one week, the first week is billed and the weeks following will be suspended until in-person programming resumes.

Student Illness or Quarantine

In the event the student is required to quarantine due to Covid-19 illness or exposure, parent must submit a schedule change and request a Covid Quarantine billing adjustment. The contracted rate will be reduced by 50% and the 7-day advance notice requirement is waived. 

M & M Exposure

In the event the entire program or an entire M & M Class needs to close due to exposure, billing may be adjusted.


Please visit the links below for the most current information:

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