We are very excited that South Canton Scholars Academy has selected M & M Extra Care to provide an on-site after school program.  Based on the response that we've had since the news has been published, many parents are very happy to have this program available next school year.  Here are some questions we've have had so far:

Q.  Will the program be at the school?

A.  YES.  We have been given the authorization to facilitate 4 classrooms for aftercare.  We will be sharing space with 4 WONDERFUL teachers!  Be sure to show your appreciation to those teachers next year.  (We don't know who they are yet).  Without the teachers opening up their classrooms for aftercare, there would not be a place for our children after school.

Q.  How soon can I register?

A.  We will have online registration available on June 1, 2013.  Our goal is to have 100% registration online.  You may visit our website at www.mandmextracare.com to register.

Q.  What if I register and then change my mind later?

A.  The registration fee is non-refundable, so we suggest you register only once you know for sure, or be willing to forfeit the fee.  If it turns out you don't need the care, you can always stay registered and utilize care on a drop-in basis.  If you are switching schools, the registration is transferable only between the schools where we provide care (South Canton, South Pointe, Quest and Taylor Exemplar).  Remember, if you don't need care, you still want to let us know before the school year begins to prevent us from billing you for services that you don't need.

Q.  Will there be before care available?

A.  No, we will not have space available to provide before care at the school.  Tutor Time across the street is still an option for those needing morning care.

Q.  Will there be care on In-Service Days and over Holidays?

A.  No, you will need to make arrangements for those days for child care.  If one of our other school sites have In-Service days that coincide, you might be able to bring your child to one of our other locations.  But be advised that every school has a different schedule and only sometimes do they share the same In-Service days. 

Q.  Will you provide care on snow days?

A.  Do to liability reasons, NHA will not allow us to use the buildings on snow days.  Parking lots are often not plowed on snow days until later, so it would be unsafe to allow students access to the properties.

Q.  Will there be a summer program available?

A.  We have summer camp only at one location - Quest Academy in Taylor.  Clients from any school are welcome to attend this program, but space is limited.  If you would like more information on Summer Camp, please visit our website at http://mandmextracare.com/summer-programs.php.

Q.  What do the students do in aftercare?

A.  After a long school day, our students first have a chance to unwind and visit with their friends.  The students are placed in classrooms with other students in similar grades (depending on our enrollment - for example, one classroom may be just Kinders, then another may be grade 1-2, then another 3-4, then 5-8).  Each classroom will have a maximum of 18 students and one aftercare program specialist.  The students will have snack (provided by M & M), then may begin homework or have free time first.  Each classroom will be different.  Older students may have a longer homework period and younger students may need to go outside prior to homework.  The schedule is set, based on the personality and needs of the students in each group.  Parents will be informed of each classroom schedule within the first week of school.  Other activities the students may participate in daily are board games, group games, art, science, math, group projects and more.  Our goals are having a safe place for your children, while providing time to complete homework and then making sure the students are happy enough to not want to come home when you arrive!

Q.  Can we meet the staff before school begins?

A.  We plan to be in attendance at your beginning-of-the-year school functions, such as Curriculum Nights and Popsicles on the Playground.  Naturally, since this is a new account for us, we are still working on finding the right individuals to join our team.  If you know of any qualified candidates, please send them our way!  We have an Employment page on our website for more information.

Q.  What are your rates and how can we get more information?

A.  Please visit our website for rates and more information.  You should be able to answer most of your questions by visiting www.mandmextracre.com