M&M Quest

Summer Camp 2019 Themes

M&M Summer Camp Field Trips

06/17/19-06/21/19Outdoor Mad Scientist
06/24/19-06/28/19Nature Explorations
07/01/19-07/03/19Water World- Outdoor Water Games
07/08/19-07/12/19Detroit History
07/15/19-07/19/19Working Together in Our Community
07/22/19-07/26/19Dancing Through the Decades
07/29/19-08/02/19Ending with A BANG! (Student's Choice
08/05/19-08/09/19Buggin' Out
Quest Theme Information

 Outdoor Mad Scientist: Campers become mad scientist with a variety of science experiments which can be done outside.  This will be a fun and messy week.

 Nature Explorations: Our campers will spend time planting plants, exploring outside, and learning about all of nature's creatures.

 Outdoor Water Games: What could be more fun than water balloon toss, boat races in a small pool, and spending time enjoying the sun with water games?

 Working Together in Our Community: Campers will be learning about the different roles people play in our communities and schools. They will learn how everyone helps in a community and have a chance to see how they fit in and can make a difference.

 Dancing Through the Decades: Exploring all the different music, dances and fads through the decades.

 Detroit History: Finding out about some of our Detroit History through games and activities.

 Youth Voice(Student’s Choice): This week is student’s choice of what they want to do to go out with a BANG! Campers will have the opportunity to plan this week with the counseling staff, ensuring they get one last chance to complete their favorite games and activities from the summer.

Buggin' Out: Campers will learn about the life cycles of insects and explore the bugs around us. They will have the chance to catch and investigate the insects and learn how they are beneficial to the ecosystem.

Activities in STEM, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Language Arts, Group Games, Teambuilding, Physical Activities and Sports and Arts and Crafts will be a part of each week during Summer Camp.