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Before and After School On-Site Child Care

  • Located at your school!
  • Students are grouped by grade level whenever possible.
  • Homework time is provided daily (age appropriate duration).
  • Simple breakfast or snack provided daily.
  • Group games, Board games, open-ended art, choice center activities, and choice quiet time available.
  • Activities that often incorporate math, reading and language arts skills.
  • Recognition when students do well in school, on tests, reaching goals and when modeling good behaviors.
  • Choices are always provided among various activities.
  • Outside or gym time provided daily.
  • Supporting the Moral Focus Themes of NHA Schools each month through various activities, contests and games.

Sibling Discount 

Sibling discount applies to the lower paying child’s rate.  Please refer to the current year Rate Card.

Financial Aid 

State (DHS) assistance will be accepted for qualified families. Parents are required to pay all fees not covered by DHS. Parents will also be required to pay ALL child care fees until they are Approved by DHS for Child Care Assistance. Click below to see if you qualify and how to apply for assistance through the State of Michigan: Child Care Assistance 

Contracted vs. Drop-In

Contracted Weekly Schedule

You select a certain schedule that you stick to for your child to attend care.  The benefits of a contracted schedule are that a place is saved for your child, and you realize a discounted rate. This also means that you pay for this contracted schedule regardless of attendance. As a contracted client, you have permanently reserved the spot(s) for your child(ren).

Drop-in Clients

Drop-in Clients pay a higher daily rate than Contracted Daily or Weekly Clients. Payment for drop-in care is only due if care is provided.  However, openings for drop-in care are on a space-available basis and cannot be guaranteed.  It is always good to have back-up care if you decide that drop-in care is your best option, in the event our numbers prevent us from accepting additional clients on any given day. If we are near capacity, we would inform all drop-in clients of the need to reserve their space as needed.

Note: Due to significant Wait-List, Drop-In Care is not currently available.

Daily Schedule

(Sample Schedule - May vary by site)

  • 6:30 AM Arrival; open-ended activities, group games and optional homework
  • 7:00 AM Light Breakfast - Provided by M & M
  • 8:00 AM Before-School Student Dismissal 
  • 3:00 PM Staff arrives, receives students upon dismissal
  • 3:15 PM Free Play / Outside play
  • 3:45 PM Bathroom Break, Wash Hands, Snack Time
  • 4:00 PM Mandatory Homework Time (those without homework may quietly read or do provided activity sheets).   
  • 4:45 PM Group Games and Activities/Art Projects/ Clubs
  • 5:15 PM Choice (open-ended) Activities
  • 6:00 PM M & M Extra Care closes for the day

How to Register

Our registration process is 100% paperless.  Click here to register online.

Our Goal

We want to have the children in our care not want to go home when parents arrive! Parents should feel confident that their children are in good hands after school. Plus, because homework time is provided (if applicable) in After Care, the time at home can be spent enjoying the family and winding down after a long day. 


Registration Fee A non-refundable registration fee is required, per child, at the beginning of each school year.  This fee goes toward processing required licensing paperwork and helps purchase supplies at the beginning of each school year. The fee must be paid before a registration form can be accepted.

M & M Extra Care School-Age Programs are licensed by the State of Michigan, Department of Human Services, Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing.  Click here for a copy of the current Licensing Rules for Child Care Centers.