2022-23 School Year Registration

opened on June 20, 2022!

Important New Client Forms

Medication Permission Form

A separate medication form is REQUIRED for each medication that will be administered to your child while at M & M Extra Care.  Licensing recommends that these forms are updated every 90 days.

Bi-Weekly Billing Request

For clients who wish to pay every other week, use this link to request Bi-weekly Billing. Regardless of cycle, all bills are processed and due prior to the dates of service.

Documents Clients Should Read
Parent Handbook 

We suggest you download and save a copy of the handbook to your computer.  You may want to refer to the handbook throughout the year to check on policies and procedures.  Many clients have questions about billing, snow days, schedule changes, vacations and cancellation of services.  The handbook will answer all these questions and more.  It's not a bad idea to actually read the handbook before you sign the contract. :-)

Licensing Rules 

These are the rules that we follow as a licensed child care program.  Be advised that our rules are slightly different from a typical child care program.  Refer to the sections regarding School Age Programs.

Updated (07/2022) Rule Regarding Public Access to Documents:

Notice of the availability of the center’s licensing notebook: 

✔ The center does not keep a licensing notebook, but internet is available onsite. Reports from at
least the last three years are available at www.michigan.gov/michildcare.
An electronic database of licensing records found at