Join us on Remind !

Follow the Instructions to Register your phone or email to receive automatic texts or emails whenever there are important reminders that we need to send out (like reminders to register for an in-service day or reminders about an upcoming after school party).

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Getting on Remind

Once a child is registered with M & M, the primary cell phone contacts are automatically added to our Site-Specific Remind Account. However, there is a delay to get on the list and some numbers may be missed. If you would like to be added to a Remind "Class," refer to the list below when selecting your class code. There a couple options for joining Remind: 

Class Codes

  • M & M At Fortis Academy
    • School- Year:  @mmfortis
    • Summer Camp: @mmfortca19
  • M & M at Grand River Academy
    • School-Year: @mmgriver
    • Summer Camp: @mmgrca19
  • M & M at Quest Academy
    • School-Year: @mmquest
    • Summer Camp: @mmquca19
  • M & M at South Canton Scholars
    • School-Year: @mmscan
    • Summer Camp: @mmscanca19
  • M & M at South Pointe Scholars
    • School-Year: @mmsps
    • Summer Camp: @mmspsca19

Be sure to replace the word "sample" in the following instructions with your Site-Specific Class Code, as shown above.