M&M South Canton

Summer Camp 2019 Themes

Summer Camp Field Trip Schedule

06/17/19-06/21/19The Adventures of M&M Summer Camp
06/24/19-06/28/19Marvel with M&M Superheroes
07/01/19-07/03/19Cruise & Taste the Tropics
07/08/19-07/12/19Carnival Fiesta
07/15/19-07/19/19Make "Space" for the Animal Planet 
07/22/19-07/26/19Escape this Mission Impossible 
07/29/19-08/02/19Fear Factor!
08/05/19-08/09/19M&M Creative Campers 
South Canton Scholars Theme Information

The Adventures of M&M Summer Camp:  Students will learn about the fun activities they will be engaged in for the summer, make new friends and help create a summer camp that is enjoyable for them.

Marvel with M&M Superheroes: The true Superheroes, our Campers, come out. We will be learning more about each other and finding out about the Superhero that lives inside each of us.

Cruise & Taste the Tropics: We’re cruising the Islands and learning about tropical climates, Island life and living life on the beach.

Carnival Fiesta: We’re celebrating the end of the first session with a Carnival. Students will be learning about Carnival and Circus life.

Make “Space” for the Animal Planet: Campers will explore all things outer space and learn about the animals of the world.

Escape this Mission Impossible: This week is all about problem solving and thinking outside the box. M&M Escape room, secret missions and solving riddles are some of what can be expected.

Fear Factor! : We will face some of our fears and try some fun “Fear Factor” type activities.

M&M Creative Campers: We will be diving into our brilliant minds and creating some awesome projects this week. We will be having a “Falent” (Fashion and Talent show) to celebrate the end of the summer.

Activities in STEM, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Language Arts, Group Games, Teambuilding, Physical Activities and Sports and Arts and Crafts will be a part of each week during Summer Camp.