Thank You!

We have received your Registration For 

M & M Extra Care!

Please check your email for a copy of your registration confirmation.

When will you receive your school yearregistration invoice?  Due to processing times and varied administration scheduling, you should receive your registration invoice based on the following schedule:

Registration DateRegistration Invoice Will be Sent
June 10 - June 30After July 1
July 1 - August 1Within 2 Weeks
August 1 - 30Within 1 Week
September 1 - 30AT LEAST 2 Business Days (High Demand Period)
October - JuneWithin 1 - 2 Business Days

Billing for Summer Camp will go out the Wednesday before each week of registered care. Be prepared to pay your camp fees each week no later than Friday IN ADVANCE of the following week. 

In the Event of a Wait-List:  After August 15 and throughout the school year, clients may experience a delay, due to space availability. If a registration is placed on a wait list, the client will receive a "wait list" confirmation email. Registration Fee invoices WILL NOT BE SENT until a space has become available. Once the invoice is sent, this means the client has been admitted to the program and payment should be made promptly, in order to begin care. Clients should contact the office if they no longer need care so that the space can be made available to the next person in line. 

All Clients Should Download and Read:

Parent Handbook 

We suggest you download and save a copy of the handbook to your computer.  You may want to refer to the handbook throughout the year to check on policies and procedures.  Many clients have questions about billing, snow days, schedule changes, vacations and cancellation of services.  The handbook will answer all these questions and more.  It's not a bad idea to actually read the handbook before you sign the contract. :-)

Licensing Rules 

These are the rules that we follow as a licensed child care program.  Be advised that our rules are slightly different from a typical child care program.  Refer to the sections regarding School Age Programs.